Our Mission
ITF TV is a new an innovative television network featuring dynamic teachings, music videos, interviews with many of today's Christian leaders and much more.

The internet truly is the new frontier for Christian artists and ministers desiring to touch the world with the gift that God has given you. ITF-TV is a network of multiple internet television channels that will feature content created by Igniting the Fire Media Group and the companies and ministries we have partnered with over the years to create these projects.

We have three tiers of service tailored to meet the needs of churches, ministries, businesses, sponsors, etc..

Basic Plan: Live\Simulated Broadcasting Only

Plus Plan: Live\Simulated Broadcasting & Program Archives
Includes everything in the Basic Plan, with the additional service of archiving your shows for future viewing.

Platinum Plan:  Live Broadcasting, Program Archives & Radio Broadcasting
Includes everything in the Plus Plan, with the additional service of airing on
your shows on KGLR\Glori Radio.


Our advertising has four basic types of commercials:

Banner Ads:  Banner ads will appear on the ITF website and run daily.

Print Ads:  Print ads will appear on pages of the ITF website.

Video Ads:  A quality video commercial will be produced for you utilizing your content.

Radio\Video Package: Your video commercial will also be produced to air on KGLR as a radio commercial.


Your television or radio commercial will be social media ready to post on Facebook, Myspace, Buzz, Shoutlife, God-Space or other social media websites.

ITF-TV.com is a free Christian TV network online. Our mission is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through free internet TV programming. ITFTV.com emphasis family entertainment values, communities, and Christians worldwide. By operating as a free online TV network we are able to offer Christians everywhere free movies, music, news, and more.

Let us assist you
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P.O. Box 25894, Overland Park, KS  66213
Don't Have a Studio Setting?
Use ours!!

If you don't have a setting suitable for your taping, our studios are available at no extra charge. Whether it is a round table discussion or a teen summit, ITF's studios are available to you.